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Avocado O

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Estate grown used organic process

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Our Story

The Fresh Press is a Cold-pressed Juice Company born out of optimism and belief that everyone is entitled to live healthy life. The fresh Press is a unit of TFPF Private Limited.

Our Offering

We are associated with the world’s biggest fresh produce company called “Total Produce” and “IG International”.



Although I travel a lot but whenever I want to detox and opt for a healthy food I only order from fresh Press. Their smoothie bowl, all juices and the exotic fruit platter is to die for.

Start your day with their cold pressed juice and you will feel amazing for the whole day.

These guys go above and beyond to make sure the taste & quality is very authentic

I was always asking my husband there are so many options abroad but in India where to get the best cold pressed juice But once I got Fresh Press 😍😍😍

I am enrolling their everyday juice pack as the green textures is well blended and its yum too.

Ms. Chandni

Fresh press juice is synonym to Quality and consistency. A great store with the main USP being extremely warm and welcoming people behind the desk. Juices are prepared instantly. The delicious taste and thickness of the juice stole my heart. Their own brand of juices are excellent, consistent in taste and have been my favourite since I first tried them. Highly recommend this place 🙂

Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhawa

Neurologist, Chandigarh

The Fresh Press juices and smoothies are my daily dose of deliciousness and vitality."

"Once I tried The Fresh Press, there was no going back. The flavors and quality are unbeatable!"

"Big thanks to The Fresh Press for keeping me refreshed and nourished. Best decision ever!"

Khanjan Ganatra


"Revitalize your day with The Fresh Press. Delicious flavors, nourishing ingredients, and a refreshing boost for a healthier you."

"Discover a new level of taste and wellness with The Fresh Press. Elevate your daily routine with their invigorating juices and smoothies."

"Experience the perfect blend of flavor and vitality with The Fresh Press. Sip your way to a healthier lifestyle and enjoy every refreshing moment."

Raj Shah

Diamond Merchant